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Driven by data, defined by innovation

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exanta is founded by a dynamic team of data scientists, developers & innovators with many years of experience in academia and industry, who enjoy creating innovative solutions for challenging problems.

Motivated by Albert Einstein's mantra “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”, we launched exanta as a spin-off of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our mission is to bring cutting-edge research in data analytics and AI to the market.

As researchers, we bring a wealth of scientific knowledge, commitment to rigorous methodologies, and a deep understanding of technology. As entrepreneurs and innovators, we address real-world business demands, and deliver practical and high-performance solutions.

Who we are

  • Athena Vakali

    Athena Vakali

    Computer Science Professor

  • Ilias Dimitriadis

    Ilias Dimitriadis

    Data Scientist

  • Pavlos Sermpezis

    Pavlos Sermpezis

    Data Scientist

  • Vasilis Psomiadis

    Vasilis Psomiadis

    Project Manager

  • George Vlahavas

    George Vlahavas

    Software Engineer

  • Stelios Karamanidis

    Stelios Karamanidis

    Web Developer